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The typologies of vegetation of two cities were evaluated to learn their contributions in two different climates: a Mediterranean climate and a warm and humid climate. Peaceful.. #128711546 - Lake of Sau in the province of Barcelona. In the case of the right section, the percentage of reduction in the incidence of solar radiation ranges from 11 to 51%; in the left section, the percentages are lower, falling within a range of reduction between 9 and 38%. One of the reasons is the lack of vegetation, particularly arboreal species, which protect these spaces from the solar incidence.

Since it can be corrected through the proper use of vegetation, Avenida Diagonal, which crosses the Eixample district and is one of the main communication routes of the city, is taken as a case study. Also, the greening of the city has many more benefits than resilience to climate change only, with several ecosystem services that will be increasing in value. This set of radiation affects the outer limits of the Earth’s atmosphere with an approximate irradiation value of 1400 W/m2, which is called the solar constant [9–15, 20]. For this reason, we will discuss the main indicators that influence this urban morphology and the thermal comfort of the solar radiation and vegetation. The difference of 1.3 million euros/year relates to necessary investments mainly in the areas of improved soil and water management.

In particular, with the BGIBP Barcelona seeks to enhance the city ecological, environmental, social and economic services by connecting various areas with vegetation to produce effective ecological infrastructure. Try dragging an image to the search box. As can be seen in Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal, this situation can be corrected by the right use of urban vegetation. Various actions will be implemented in many years, while others have shorter implementation time. All these variables have in common the element of urban space, which is the space where users develop themselves, making it an element of value because it is the place where their travel and moments of leisure occur.

Thus, its analysis and behaviour play an important role. This is accentuated by buildings reflecting sunlight and not dissipating energy due to the lack of evaporative surfaces, therefore further heating-up the atmosphere. Contact our London head office or media team here. By making research easy to access, and puts the academic needs of the researchers before the business interests of publishers. Species were classified in 10 zones of application of the vegetation according to resistance to these frosts (Table 1). Barcelona is a metropolis that comprises several distinctive urban tissues. This situation directly affects thermal comfort and recreation spaces. In response, Barcelona has committed to becoming a global model of a sustainable city combating urban development challenges related to climate change and population density. According to the Plan vision trees are considered a fundamental part of the green infrastructure of Barcelona, a natural resource that helps enjoying a healthier life in the city.
Therefore, they can have a relevant role in urban climate change adaptation. The city is bounded on the north by the river Besos, to the south by the river Llobregat, to the east by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west by the Collserola mountain range. The methodology implemented in this study involved in situ measurements of environmental parameters, simulations of the behaviour of solar radiation in the Heliodon programme, evaluation of the SVF of the streets and photographic survey of the tree species. Although the left section receives a smaller amount of solar radiation due to its greater aspect ratio and the right section has better energy performance thanks to the correct use of vegetation.) Additionally, radiation and surface temperature measurements have been carried out. The method developed for this study combines energy simulations and in situ measurements of environmental conditions to evaluate the role of vegetation. Tree pit conditions shall also be improved in the remaining areas with street trees. Barcelona, zero waste. #153646930 - Autumn landscape in the forest of La Fageda de Grevolosa, Barcelona,.. #153646980 - Autumn landscape in the forest of La Fageda de Grevolosa, Barcelona,.. #155059413 - Colorful trees and leaves in autumn in the Montseny Natural Park.. #121836183 - Landscapes of Barcelona Spain, #103006215 - Public Industrial Park of Sant in Barcelona, #103011855 - Public Industrial Park of Sant in Barcelona, #103515740 - Water jet in public garden of Barcelona, #103515741 - Water jet in public garden of Barcelona, #115558454 - Landscapes of Barcelona Spain, #115558456 - Landscapes of Barcelona Spain. Vegetation is one of the best tools to improve the climatic conditions of urban spaces. It is both a factor and a climatic macro feature in which the direction of the incidence of radiation depends on the relative movements of the Earth and the Sun [20]. That trees are essential in a dense compact city like Barcelona is also confirmed by the Barcelona Charter, the “Declaration of the Rights of Trees in the City”, drawn up and signed in Barcelona on the occasion of the first congress of the Spanish Association of Arboriculture. Brief introduction to this section that descibes Open Access especially from an IntechOpen perspective, Want to get in touch? Another important factor to consider in the study of the incidence of solar radiation is the orientation, which directly affects the access of solar rays in both the horizontal plane and the vertical plane [11]. The study of the incidence of solar radiation in cities is of great importance in observing these values, since it is one of the parameters with the greatest impact on urban thermal comfort. Snow is Climate and Urban Morphology in the City of Barcelona: The Role of Vegetation, Mediterranean Identities - Environment, Society, Culture, Borna Fuerst-Bjelis, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.69125. These characteristics of marked stations become a challenge at both the level of design of buildings and the urban level, posing challenges to the designer to generate elements and tools necessary to create comfortable interior and exterior spaces. On the other hand, trees are experiencing water and heat stress during the summer dry season that will be likely aggravated in the future due to expected climate changes.

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